ICTO organised two training courses in the month of November- Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 and Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2013. Courses were taught in three sessions. There were two sessions of Microsoft Outlook 2013 and one session of Microsoft Excel 2013.

Training classes were conducted by Microsoft certified trainers. ICTO received an overwhelming response to join the classes and there was no empty seats in the venues during the training classes.

In Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 training class, the trainer presented 6 key topics;

  1. Database and List Management
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Auditing Worksheets
  4. PivotTable and PivotChart Reports
  5. Workbooks Collaboration
  6. Protecting Workbook

In Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2013 training class, the trainer presented 11 key topics;

  1. Outlook Account Management
  2. E-mail and Contact Management
  3. Sending Email
  4. Reading and Organizing Email
  5. Getting Organized and More Efficient
  6. Scheduling an email to send out
  7. Scheduling an Appointment
  8. Meeting Planner
  9. Working with Contacts
  10. Working with Tasks
  11. Sharing Outlook Information

ICTO will continue to provide various training sessions on different topics to the staff members to enrich colleagues’ knowledge on various office applications. To keep up-to-date regarding upcoming training courses, please check ICTO’s announcement in E-bulletin Board.

Here are some snapshots taken during the training: