To let more users know how High Performance Computing (HPC) is being used in research in UM, ICTO organised a HPC User Experience Sharing Session on 25 Nov 2016. There were 45 audiences attended the sharing session and they believed that this sharing session really helped them to understand more about HPC.

ICTO invited Prof. Yan Su (FST-EME), Prof. Koon Ho Wong (FHS), Prof. Hui Pan (IAPME) and Prof. Defang Ouyang (ICMS) to share their R&D results in physics, health science, engineering and other fields of research. In addition, William Pang of ICTO introduced the architecture and usage of HPC cluster – Jade in UM. During the session, our invited academics and Prof. Kam Weng Tam, the Chair of IETC expressed their thoughts about the future development of HPC. The information was very useful. ICTO will continue to provide the close support to our academics and will plan the future development after gathering the requests from our users.

Please feel free to send your comments or requests to about HPC. For more information about HPC Cluster, please refer to the service page and the acticle in previous newsletter.


Prof. Yan Su (FST-EME) was sharing her experience on using HPC


Prof. Koon Ho Wong (FHS) was introducing their research team on personal genomics and precision medicine



Prof. Hui Pan (IAPME) was sharing his research results produced using HPC



Prof. Defang Ouyang (ICMS) was discussing their research development and future challenges


William Pang (ICTO) was presenting the current configuration of HPC – JADE in UM


The audiences were very interested in listening to the sharing


Group Photo with Guests

From left to right: Prof. Defang Ouyang, Prof. Yan Su, Prof. Koon Ho Wong, Prof. Kam Weng Tam, Mr. Antony SiTou, Prof. Hui Pan, Jacky Chan and William Pang