In recent years, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) has become a commonly known cyber security threat. Intruders break into a target network. They often lurk in the network for months to collect cues until valuable information is obtained. Some would even stay hidden in the network for long-term monitoring. Usually, an intruder tries to enter a target network as first step. Whether a person is handling an important information or using internet during the leisure time, one may become the target.

Information security is everyone’s responsibility. Even though IT personnel take necessary measures for reducing risk of intrusion, including network security technology, network monitoring and regular maintenance, etc., the intruder can still attack the network via phishing scams. Therefore, users are the first line of defence and all users must be aware of information security. How much do you know about Information Security? Please take our “Information Security Awareness Quiz” and challenge yourself!

Here are the steps to enrol the quiz:

  1. Click the URL Information Security Awareness Quiz and login with your UMPASS;
  2. Click “Enroll me”;
  3. Choose to answer in Chinese or English;
  4. There are 6 groups of questions and each group contains 5 multiple choice questions. You can have unlimited trials and the quiz result is for your reference only.