All of us access various UM services and applications using UMPASS which is UM universal login credential every day. Keeping your UM data safe and making your UMPASS account more secure is a top priority. ICTO recommends all UM members must either change their UMPASS password every 90 days or apply for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). These two measures can reduce and avoid numbers of risks such as password hacking and data stolen.

What actions are required?

For UM members who have UMPASS account for accessing various UM services and applications, ICTO recommends to apply and enable 2FA service which is an extra layer to protect your UMPASS account and ensure that you are the only person accessing your account. 2FA will only be used when you access UM services and applications through non-UM network.

If you are not considering applying 2FA services, you must change your UMPASS password every 90 days.

Notice: ICTO will implement 2FA for SSLVPN service, we strongly recommended to apply 2FA if you need to use SSLVPN to connect campus network from outside.

How to enable 2FA?

Login to ICTO Account Information Page to apply 2FA service. Follow the instructions and complete the registration. For further details and steps, please refer to 2FA User Application Procedures.

How to change my password?

You can change your UMPASS password every 90 days by accessing ICTO Account Information Page. (Before changing your password, ICTO recommended to read “What I need to do before and after changing my user account password”.) If the password has not been changed over 90 days, your password will be expired. It caused your account will be locked. All the UM services and applications including both UM Wired and Wireless network will be failed to connect. You must access ICTO Account Information Page to change password before taking any action.

How to do if I forgot my UMPASS password or account get locked?

You can recover your account by following this procedure.