ICTO has performed a series of network enhancement works in the first half year of 2022 and continuing to improve the network infrastructure aiming at optimizing the network structure and increasing network speed. Here are some major work completion.

ICTO has upgraded the core network switch and the speed of network port increased from 100Mbps to 1Gbps for below buildings.

  • Administration Building (N6)
  • Central Teaching Buildings (E3-E7)
  • UG and Library (E1-E2)
  • FAH, FSS and FBA (E21-E22)

Wireless Access Points (AP) are also replaced with newer devices that support WiFi standards from WiFi4 to WiFi6 in order to provide better wireless service. Below areas AP had been upgraded.

  • Administration Building (N6)
  • Research Building N21 and N23
  • Designated areas (N1 Multi-function Hall, N2 Hall and N8 training hall)

To better support the scanning of venue QR code at building entrances, the WiFi coverage for 12 entrances have been optimized, the remaining two buildings are in progress.

  • (N1) UM Guest House, East Gate
  • (N22) Research Building, Main Entrance

To enhance the quality of UM wireless LAN service, a new WiFi SSID “UM_SECURED_WLAN_5G” is available for all Residential Colleges (RCs) and Postgraduate Houses (PGH).  This new SSID provides 5GHz band only in order to reduce interference or congestion of the wireless network.