The Cyber Security Law specifically regulates preventive administrative management issues in cyber security, including monitoring the management obligations of key infrastructure operators in fulfilling cybersecurity, making precautions in accordance with cyber security conditions, and providing early warning and response to cyber security incidents.

In fact, the public consultation of the Cyber Security Law was ended on 24 January 2018 and it has not entered to the stages of the legislative process yet. However, in order to proactively prepare for this Law, the University’s existing systems would need to be well prepared in compliance with the relevant requirements.

ICTO has established goals to enhance existing 4 different categories of information security, such as network and system infrastructure security, system management and monitoring, end-point security and data protection.

Our information security strategy will focus on the three major principles of the forthcoming Cyber Security Law such as “Guardian”, “Prevention” and “Management”. It will increase the efficiency of threat discovery and response, use machine learning techniques to identify improper behaviour and prevent potential insecurities. Moreover, we will also increase the system event management capacity. It will help to alert and response to security incident more quickly and efficiently.

Please visit the website to get more information about the public consultation of the Macao Cyber Security Law.