ICTO has organised a series of training workshops in past four months about the E-learning platform – UMMoodle to introduce and share with the academic staff members

The topics in this series of workshops covered the most commonly used functions of UMMoodle, such as Assignment, Quiz and Gradebook.

Class Schedule of UMMoodle Workshop:

During the workshops, tutors introduced and explained different topics. Tutors provided assistance during hands-on practice sessions.

Following topics were covered during the four workshops;

“Introduction to the new version of UMMoodle?”

  • UMMoodle 3.2
  • Dashboard and Course Interface
  • UMMoodle and SIWEB
  • Course Assignment Type
  • Tips

“How to Collect Assignment and Check for Plagiarism?”

  • Access UMMoodle: https://ummoodle.umac.mo
  • Create a new assignment
  • Submit an assignment as a student
  • Grade yourself
  • Upload a feedback file

“How to Make Use of Quiz Activity to Assess”

  • Create a Quiz activity
  • Add questions to Quiz
  • Quiz options
  • Attempt a quiz

“How to Use Gradebook to grade?”

  • Show/Hide gradebook to students
  • Grade assignment submission
  • Quick grading & Grader report
  • Aggregation & Calculation
  • Export & Import gradebook

ICTO will continue to provide series of workshops to UM students and staff members in next semester. Regarding training information, please check our announcement in E-bulletin Board.

There are some snapshots of the workshops:

For more information about UM Moodle, please refer to ICTO Knowledge Base.