HRS and ICTO coordinated to hold 4 training sessions of WebCMS for UM staff members in March, 2017 and there are totally 100 staff members attended. In the training sessions, we demonstrated the most common operations and elements of WebCMS, and offered hands-on exercises on a demonstration website for colleagues. Following topics were covered in the training:

  • Creating posts, pages, page achieves and restore page backup
  • Working with multi-media content, images / video
  • Creating simple page layout
  • Making customize categories / tags
  • Customizing with basic theme options
  • Working with sidebar / menu / header / footers
  • Working with duplicate post
  • Customizing sliders / icons / other interactive elements
  • Adding multilingual support
  • Basic SEO (Google Search Engine Optimization) technique
  • Avoiding bad practice

We will continue to provide training on WebCMS. Regarding upcoming training information, please check our announcement in E-bulletin Board.