On 19 April 2017, the 3rd SUFG meeting was held for Academic Year 2016/2017.

In the meeting, ICTO staff shared the following information with student representatives:

  • Launch of 7th issue of ICTO Newsletter
  • Introduction to comprehensive search features of UM websites
  • Purchasing of printing quota with UnionPay QuickPass is available on Campus Kiosk
  • “Previous Version” feature is available to restore files/ folders on Network Drive in case the original ones are lost, damaged, or deleted
  • Survey result of ICTO Academic Computing Facilities

In Q&A session, student representatives enquired about the procedure for setting up the Follow-You printer in RC and reported the wireless connection issue. ICTO staff provided instant response and advice on the mentioned issues.

For more details about the 3rd SUFG meeting, please refer to the minutes: