Recently, ICTO had received reports from copyright holders about potential copyright infringement claims due to unauthorized download of digital content through our campus network.

Therefore, ICTO would like to draw your attention to the following:
• Macau has launched copyright protection law: 43/99/M. Its aims is to protect copyrights. The most serious consequence of infringing the copyright could cause legal implications and lodge of criminal case.
• UK anti-piracy campaign is set to take effect in recent years. Its objective is to educate people about copyright and legal ways to enjoy digital content. People who persistently pirate music and videos will receive warnings from copyright holders.
• According to article 2 of User Document Number 10-0003, “ICTO reserves the right to suspend and/ or terminate any user’s access privileges at any time when the user had failed to comply with the University’s requirements regarding the manner and type of usage”

In case you have download/ upload unauthorized digital content, ICTO strongly recommend you to take immediate actions to prevent serious legal consequences. The actions include but not limited to the following:
1) Stop downloading or uploading any digital content without authorization by copyrights holder
2) Permanently delete all unauthorized copies

ICTO hereby would like to remind users again that any copyright infringements might cause serious legal consequences. Please don’t attempt breaking the laws.