Have you ever struggled to share large files with your colleagues/external parties?

Sending large files through email may not be the best solution. In general, all email service providers have set a limit to the maximum email size that an email can be received/sent out due to security reasons. For our staff email server, it allows incoming and outgoing messages up to 40 MB in size. The most popular email clients (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo) limit the attachment file size to 25 MB. Any message larger than the size is rejected. As a result, it is difficult to share large files via email.

In addition to email, ICTO offers more options for you to share large size of files or videos with others in a secure and efficient way.

The suitable option for file/ video sharing depends on the following factors:

  • Size of the file
  • Target recipient (University member/ external party)
  • Type of the file
  • Location for accessing the file (On/ off campus)

File and Video Sharing Options

Please see below the differences of each file or video sharing option.

 Service Option
Single File SizeStorage SizeTarget Users/ Usage Suitable File Type Off-Campus Access?Require Application?How to Access?
Staff Email30MBRegular mailbox :5GB

Archived mailbox: 50GB

Sharing files with internal/ external usersAttachments except the file types listed hereYesNot required– Web Access
– On Office/ Personal Computer
N DriveNo Limit10GBSharing files with department membersAny filesNoPlease contact ICTO Help Desk to create a department share folderOn Office Computer
ShareDM50MB200GBSharing files with department membersOfficial documents and filesAccess via SSL VPNPlease contact icto.ims@umac.mo to create a new department sitehttps://docs.umac.mo
Community200MB10GB– Managing activity records and attendance
– For research and academic project
– Sharing and collecting files to/from external users
DocumentsYesPlease contact ICTO Help Desk for a new space with login accounthttps://community.umac.mo
UMMoodle200MB10GB– For teaching and learningDocumentsYesAll registered courses will be pre-created one week before the new semester starts

For any other courses, please apply through SIWEB or send email to webcourse@umac.mo

UM File Share1GB10GBSharing files with external usersAny filesYesPlease contact ICTO Help Desk to create a UM file share accounthttps://eod.umac.mo/fileshare
Video Share< 2 GB20GBMainly for academic users to share video files inside campus by themselves– Common video (e.g. .mp4, .mpg)
– Audio
(e.g. .mp3, .wma)
-Image format (e.g. .gif, .jpeg)
Access via SSL VPNAcademic staff can upload video without registration.

For admin. staff, please contact ICTO Help Desk

Video On-Demand (VOD)< 2 GB100 GBFor sharing video files on Internet or intranet accessWindows Media Video format (.wmv, .asf)

*Not support on Mobile

YesPlease contact ICTO Help Desk to upload the video to our Windows media serverOnce the video is uploaded to the media server, a link will be provided to you. You can share the link via email or embed it on your web page
Video StreamingN/AN/AFor broadcasting the video of ceremonies, public speeches or performances etc.Supported video source from HDMI, SDI, S video or Component

Supported audio source from Balanced XLR jack, unbalanced RCA jack and TRS jack

YesPlease contact ICTO Help Desk with the following information:
– Purpose of the event
– Period of the event
– Venue of the event
– Expected number of audience
– Type of video and/or audio source
ICTO will provide a link for video streaming. You can embed the link on your web page

Please feel free to contact ICTO Help Desk for suitable solution for sharing files and videos.