UM Web Content Management System (WebCMS) can help staff members to update and publish information to web easily without expertise and techniques of writing web pages.

Staff can enjoy the following features when using UM WebCMS:

  • Provide a list of easily customizable themes & templates
  • Support multi-device (mobiles, laptops, desktops, etc.)
  • Support multi-language
  • Support multimedia, e.g. photos (jpg, png), videos (mp4, Youtube), documents (docx, pdf), etc.
  • Provide visual editor with auto-save and version control
  • Provide publishing approval workflow
  • Support role-based access control and users can be assigned as administrator, editor, author, etc.

UM WebCMS is opened to departments and academic units to establish any websites establishment, especially for:

  • Faculty / Department website
  • Academic research/ Project website
  • Conference website

For those interested, please send an email to with description of the website, purpose and requirements. The application should be endorsed by faculty / department authorised person. If you are new to WebCMS, you can get started here.