To provide users with the best experience when conducting online meetings, ICTO provides following suggestions to colleagues and students for reference:

1. Ensure a good network environment

Online meeting relies on network performance and quality of network directly affects the quality of online meeting. The quality of the meeting depends on network environment. All participants in the meeting should ensure the quality of their network connections. When you are not able to hear or view participants smoothly during a call, there may be an issue with remote party’s network environment or device. In addition, please try to use a wired network for online meetings whenever possible. If it is necessary to conduct the meeting via wireless network, make sure the signal quality of the wireless network is good at the meeting venue.

2. Perform tests before meeting

Before the meeting, please make sure that the hardware devices (such as webcam, speaker, microphones, etc.) work well with the applications of online meeting. Please conduct at least one simulation test with other parties. Test should be arranged in the same time period to confirm that multi-party network, video conferencing systems and equipment can operate properly. The test should also confirm the stability of the connection between the parties and the conference server.

3. Temporarily disable unnecessary applications

During the meeting, please temporarily disable applications on PC/device that consumes network resources, such as operating system updates, network backups, upload or download tasks, software updates etc..

4. Use Cloud-Based Web Conferencing Solutions provided by ICTO — Zoom

Zoom is an online video conferencing service provided at the University. It enables our staff and students to have high-quality face to face and interactive meeting with their remote partners.  It provides you with new teaching and learning experience through video conference, audio conference and screen-sharing tools. Since the launch of the service, about 1,400 meetings has been carried out and more than 5,800 users have either organized or joined in various online meetings and teaching activities via Zoom, and we have received a lot of positive feedback.

All UM Staff and Students can get a Zoom basic account on ICTO Account Information Page at Please note that the Zoom account is only required for the host, other participants can simply click on the URL (link) to join the meeting without login. Regarding the operation of “Zoom” Cloud Based Web Conference services, please refer to User Guides and FAQ. You can also visit the relevant website

5. Choose a suitable venue for meeting

Please try to schedule the meeting in a quiet room or conference room. The background should be as simple as possible. It is also not recommended for other parties to use a public network connection such as Wi-Fi network at coffee shop, hotel or airport since poor connections may have an effect on the quality of the meeting.

6. Privacy protection

In order to avoid violation of the Personal Data Protection Act, if you want to conduct video recording during the meeting, please inform all participants that meeting will be recorded and obtain their consent.