security team

Nowadays, we all rely on IT to store and process information. The information includes valuable data of staff and students such as unpublished research data, teaching materials, sensitive documents and assignments etc. Without adequate security measures, it increases the risk of unauthorized access, disclosure, or loss of information which leads to serious consequences. Therefore, it is important for students, staff and University to ensure the information assets are well protected.

ICTO recognizes the importance of information security. Hence, ICTO formed an Information Security Team in Aug 2015. The team consists of three senior staff members who have broad knowledge of IT systems and security. It aims to enhance the communication and coordination between units to prevent, detect and respond to cyber security incidents more effectively.

The mission of the team is to assure the security of the University’s information systems and provide a safe computing environment for members of the University.

To accomplish this goal, the information security team will

  • Develop and review the information security framework
  • Formulate and review security guidelines and procedures to lower the risk and exposure of information and data
  • Formulate security incident response practices on ICTO systems and services
  • Evaluate and select security system tools
  • Maintain and improve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information across the system
  • Raise the importance and awareness of information security