ICTO has deployed the new RMS File Protection Service for staff members to secure MS Office documents on Windows or MacOS. By default, the RMS File Protection Service is enabled on computers provided by ICTO.

What is it about?

RMS File Protection Service adopts Active Directory Right Management Services (AD RMS) system to provide information rights management with encryption features for

  • Documents with confidential information and privacy concerns;
  • Exam papers, critical research data, study reports¬†and theses, etc.;
  • Any sensitive information.

You are allowed to assign an access control list to your important documents. It keeps the documents safe from unauthorized reading or modifying, even if you email these documents or save on another device and any cloud storage. Currently, this service mainly supports MS Office document, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides.

Please Note:

1.Service is for Staff Email users only and requires Internet connection to work.
2.Supported Applications:Windows: Office 2013 or above
MacOS: Office 2016 for Mac
3.Mobile devices are not fully supported, please use RMS file protection on a desktop / notebook computer.