From 17 November to 23 December 2015, ICTO Help Desk conducted the yearly staff satisfaction survey to measure staff user’s satisfaction level on the services provided. The result will provide information and reference for our continuous improvements.

A total of 1515 email invitations were sent to UM staff and 337 replies were received, which was relevant to the response rate of 22%. A total of 19 statements were given to respondents for rating. Most of the respondents were satisfied with ICTO services and support. The average scores in the majority of aspects (Hotline Service, Email Service, Remote Support, Technical Support, and Overall Service) were above 4 out of 5, which was equivalent to “Satisfied”. The results were published in

In order to get the respondents’ precise opinions, two open-ended questions were listed to collect feedback from respondents on the aspect of ICTO services that respondents appreciate the most and on what ICTO Helpdesk can improve to serve the users better. 78 and 54 feedback were received respectively. Below indicated some of the comments collected from the survey and our plan of improvement actions.


User FeedbackPlan of Improvement Actions
  • Speed in answering hotline, sometimes no one answered the phone during office hours.
  • There are several times when there is no once answering the hotline (8600) or the line is busy.
  • Pick up phone because the whole team sometimes is on meeting which cannot approach immediately during that period.
  • Review the arrangement of Help Desk hotline and manpower.
  • 希望借出的硬件設備會時常檢查,確保設備運作正常。曾有一次因電腦火牛有問題,而令活動延誤。謝謝!
  • Upgrade on loan equipment.
  • Check equipment upon return to ensure that it functions properly.
  • It is a bit difficult to look for the appropriate information on current ICTO website. It is suggested to launch a more user-friendly website.
  • Online resource of tip sheets/ screencasts about how to do common tasks/solve common problems
  • New webpage will be launched soon to provide a more user friendly website.
  • Continuously adding FAQs to ICTO Knowledge Base to let users search information online.