We are pleased to share with you the ICTO Help Desk Service Call Statistics on 2015 to let you know more about our work last year.

Total No. of Service Calls Handled

Support Call refers to the service request made by users for technical support on resolving problems they encountered.

Non-Support Call refers to other kinds of services we provide to users such as new installation of IT equipment for new staff, upgrade of equipment, technical support on activities or seminar held by the University etc.

Support Calls Solved within 1 Hour

Among the 5,289 Support Calls, 92.91% were solved within 1 hour.


No. of Equipment Issued to Staff Members


MS Office 2013 Upgrade

ICTO upgraded Microsoft Office 2010 microsoft office 2010_icon to Microsoft Office 2013 microsoft office 2013_iconfor 1454 computers.

MS Outlook Email Migration

ICTO is migrating the staff email system from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook since July 2015. 1593 staff email accounts, 85% were successfully migrated to Microsoft Outlook in 2015.

Could you guess what type of call counted the most among all service calls?

About Remote Support Service:

In 2015, 1280 calls were solved via Remote Support Service. The number shows significant growth for the usage of Remote Support Service, approximately increased by 60.2% compared with last year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank academic, administrative staff members and the student users for their feedback and comments. At the same time we appreciate our IT technicians’ contribution and professional support. Below are some compliments we received in 2015.

We also express our sincere thanks for your encouragement. ICTO Help Desk will keep improving in order to serve your better.

For more details about Help Desk Service Call Statistics 2015, please refer to http://www.umac.mo/icto/intranet/helpdesk_stats_e.html