1. Software Upgrade in Computer Rooms

During the summer break, ICTO had reinstalled the operating system and upgrade some of the application software for computer rooms PCs. New screen reader application software “NVDA” was installed on one computer in each computer room. The computer is labelled “With software for people with disabilities 設有身心障礙者的電腦軟件“.


For update computer room software list, please visit http://icto.umac.mo/software/computer-room-software/

2. Sensor Installed for Energy Saving

To save energy, all ICTO’s computer rooms are installed with auto-switch off sensor. The room lighting will be switched off when nobody is inside the room for certain period of time. The lighting will be resumed automatically when someone enters the room.

3. Personal Multimedia Computer Rooms

There are 5 Personal Multimedia Computer Rooms available on 1/F of Central Teaching Building (E6) for students to edit and do the post-production on multimedia. Their work can be output to computer and Internet playable format. The computing facilities in the rooms are equipped with professional software and hardware.

For more information and reservation, please visit http://icto.umac.mo/academic-computing-facilities/personal-multimedia-computer-room/