ICTO organized UMMoodle workshop on 15 March, 2017. Workshop was intended to provide guidance to academic staff to create quiz activity in UMMoodle to put into practice of flipped classroom” pedagogical approach.

“Flipped classroom” also known as inverted classrooms, replaces the traditional lecture approach of “in-class lectures” and “post-class work”. Students review lecture materials before class as homework. In-class time is dedicated to discussions and interactive exercises. UMMoodle provides different instructional tools to enable teachers to flip the classroom, in which the Quiz activity is the most popular one. The potential benefits to teachers and students are listed below:

  • To increase student engagement;
  • To offer personalized teaching;
  • To focus on classroom discussion.

To create a Quiz activity in UMMoodle, please visit the following YouTube video which introduces the feature of Quiz and how to setup questions.

For more information about Quiz activity in UMMoodle, please visit our ICTO Knowledge Base.