The 2nd Student User Focus Group (SUFG) Meeting for Academic Year 2015/2016

The Student User Focus Group (SUFG) consists of ICTO staff and the student representatives from the Student Union of University of Macau, Student Associations of various faculties and the House Associations of Residential Colleges. The group will held meetings regularly so that problems, suggestions, and comments can be shared with ICTO directly.

The 2nd SUFG meeting for Academic Year 2015/2016 was held on 27 January 2016. ICTO staff updated

  • The improvements of academic computing facilities during last semester recess
  • The termination of legacy student webmail
  • End of support of Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10
  • Trial use of 5G SSID, UM_SECURED_WLAN_5G on specific floors of particular RCs
  • Set up of new secure email gateway
  • Upgrade of SSL VPN gateway and
  • Wireless Access Point relocation plan for RCs

In Q&A session, student representatives also enquired various services and ICTO staff provided instant response and advice on the mentioned issues.

For more details about the 2nd SUFG meeting, please refer to the minutes:

2ndSUFG Meeting