Staff Email Migration Project Concluded

ICTO has concluded the migration of the remaining email accounts to Microsoft Outlook on 5 October, 2016. Total of 1,593 mailboxes are migrated from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook successfully. Moreover, in the week of 25 July, ICTO has also completed the migration of all planned department shared mailboxes and email groups to Microsoft Outlook.

100 % complete – 1,593 of 1,593 staff mailboxes migrated. (Update as of 5 October, 2016)

We’re grateful to each and every department of UM for their help and assistance. The staff email service is formally taken over by the new system. This project is now moving to a post-migration phase.

Statistics of the migration project Numbers
No. of Emails Migrated 80,000,000+ emails
No. of Individual Mailboxes Migrated in about Half a Year Time 1,593 mailboxes
No. of Department Shared Mailboxes Migrated in about One Month 180 mailboxes
No. of Email Groups Recreated 776 email groups
No. of Training Sessions Held 13 training sessions
No. of Colleagues Attended Training 450 colleagues
No. of Service Calls Answered since July 2015 (project start) 700 service calls

To improve user experience with email service, the project team is examining additional Microsoft Outlook features and functionality added in to roll out to staff. Please stay tuned for future announcements.

For more support resources about Outlook, please visit our ICTO Knowledge Base.