All UM members have the responsibility to protect their computer account password, and SHOULD NOT DISCLOSE to others. ICTO strongly recommends you to secure your password with the following methods:

Change Initial Password

Once you have received the initial password, please change your password immediately, in order to prevent other people from knowing your account password.

Never Disclose your Password

In all circumstances, you should keep your account password secret, and SHOULD NOT disclose to others (including any system administrator), so as to avoid someone from stealing your data or identity to commit a crime. If you suspect that your password is stolen, you are advised to reset account password with the following webpage immediately.

Login to ICTO Account Information Page:

Change your Password Regularly

ICTO suggests users to change the account password regularly, at least once a year.

Creating a Complex Password

A complex password should contain:

  • Password length of 8 to 15 characters.
  • Mix capital and lower-case letters.
  • Include number and/or punctuation marks such as ` ~ ! # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + – { } | [ ] \ : ” ; ‘ ? , ./p>
  • Include similar looking substitutions, such as the number “0” for the letter “O” or “S” for the symbol “$”.
  • Non-meaningful password. Avoid using meaningful password such as your birthday, ID number, or name, etc.

An easy and complex password can be formed by:

  • Using the first character of each word in a phrase as the password. For example, “Lilaboc,” stands for “Life is like a box of chocolate,”.
  • Mixing letters and numbers such as “h0o3m0e2” (mixing “home” and “0302”), or mixing some special characters such as “L1!ab0(,” (mixing some characters with “Lilaboc,”).

DO NOT Save Password on Internet Browser

Users should not save password in Internet browser, and should disable the related features before using the browser.

DO NOT Respond to Phishing Mail

Please DO NOT RESPOND to the email that seems to be sent by ICTO. These kinds of emails are purposely asking for your user name and password. ICTO will NOT ask you for these information through email or webpage. If you have responded to the suspicious email accidentally, you are advised to reset your password at once. Please DO NOT click at any link in an email without careful verification, as it may link to malicious software.

Remember to Log out Computer after Using in Public Area

After using the computer provided at public areas such as libraries or hotels, please remember to log out the computer immediately. If possible, it is better to restart the computer.