Computer Account Application Forms and IT Incident Report Forms are now available in IT Service Management System (ITSM system). Staff can log in to the ITSM system to apply different types of computer accounts and report hardware/IT service problems online without the need to provide a physical forms.

To submit the request, please go to ITSM system ( and login with your UMPASS account and password.

After login, click “Browse” on the web page to view all categories.

Submit Computer Account Application Form

To submit Computer Account Application Form, please select “Accounts & Access” category. Staff can apply Computer Accounts for the following types of users or purposes:

a) Regular Academic Staff

b) Regular Administrative Staff

c) Special AccountAccount to facilitate the work of a department, a research group, or special office functions. For example, account for research project, programme, student trainee, shared mailbox email account, email group, etc.

d) Non-regular Academic Staff

e) Non-regular Administrative Staff

Submit IT Service Report Form

To report hardware/IT service problems, select the problem’s related category, for example Office IT Equipment. Choose the problem you want to report, click Request Now.

The service request forms below are currently available in IT Service Management System:

 Accounts & Access

  • Account Creation Request (Academic Staff)
  • Account Creation Request (Admin Staff)
  • Temporary Account Creation Request (Academic Staff)
  • Temporary Account Creation Request (Admin Staff)
  • Special Account Creation Request
  • Computer Account Extension
  • Data Access Authorization
  • Data Recovery Request (For Shared Data)

Office IT Equipment

  • Computer Equipment Request
  • Report Desktop PC Problem
  • Report Monitor Problem
  • Report Notebook Problem
  • Report IP Phone Problem
  • Report Printer Problem
  • Report Keyboard Problem
  • Report Mouse Problem
  • Report Computer Peripherals Problem


  • Apply Guest Wireless Account
  • Apply Tenant Wireless Account
  • Report Network Problem
  • Application for Network Setting for Local Server


  • Software Installation Request
  • Report Software Problem

Telephony Service

  • Request for New Call Pickup Group
  • Update Call Pickup Group
  • Request Hotline
  • IDD Passcode Application
  • Report Telephony Service Problem


  • Report Email Problem


  • Report Printing Problem

 Help Desk

  • General Enquiry