LimeSurvey service will come to end on 1st July 2017. From now until the end of June, administrative staff users can login to the LimeSurvey and download printable version of survey forms for their record.

We would like to thank you all for your support of the open source tool LimeSurvey for past 8 years. During these years, LimeSurvey was used frequently to create over 200 forms and surveys.

In this year, we are reviewing the usage and the trends of existing software. ICTO has found that some functions of existing LimeSurvey do not satisfy our users’ requirements such as mobile support and online customized report. Moreover, there is another web-based survey tool, UM-Qualtrics, provided by Library with rich functionality. There are over 3,500 forms used by different departments in UM-Qualtrics since it was released to UM staff members use. Usage of UM-Qualtrics is higher than that of LimeSurvey. To manage IT resources productively, and considering that many departments have adopted UM-Qualtrics as their survey application, ICTO has decided to obsolete this service on 1st July 2017.