In April 2018, ICTO has launched the Open Data Application Programming Interface (API) platform. UM staff and students can access the public data of UM through this platform and develop innovative applications using their creativity.

Current available UM data includes (more will be launched):

  • Course information
  • News information
  • Event information
  • Public holidays
  • Organizational units
  • ICTO computer room reservation
  • ICTO computer room PC availability
  • Power consumption of UM library
  • Power meter location of UM library

How to use the API?

 Starting from 22 April 2018, UM staff and students can register the Open Data Platform service via

Briefing Sessions

To introduce and share further details ICTO has organized two sessions on 2 May, 2018 in Cantonese and English language. Briefing sessions offered details about how to use API for your applications.

Please access the website of UM Data and API for more details.

Regarding the subscription of API, please refer to the quick start guide.

We hope you will enjoy the service provided by Open Data API Platform which brings you the creativity and motivation to innovate.