PC LAN account is widely used to login to different computing services, in order to have a more precise name, the “PC LAN” is renamed to “UMPASS” in July 2017. UMPASS allows you to login to various services and applications with a single User ID and password.

Login Identity

UMPASS account consists of User ID and password. It identifies you with unique information to access University’s applications. If UMPASS User ID is with UM domain (@umac.mo), it is called Principal Name (UserID@umac.mo).

For UM internal applications, you can login with your UMPASS User ID (referred as UMPASS ID).

User ID: UMPASS ID  (e.g. xa08765,  chantaiman)
Password:UMPASS Password

For the listed Cloud services and eduroam, you should login with your UMPASS Principal Name.

User ID:
UMPASS ID@umac.mo  (e.g. xa08765@umac.mo, chantaiman@umac.mo)
Password:UMPASS Password

Login Accounts for Different Services

As mentioned in previous article, ICTO is gradually integrating the authentication of different applications to UMPASS for the goal of Single Sign-On (SSO).

Recently, ICTO has developed the mechanism at the UMPASS for synchronizing password with Administrative Information Systems. Once you change the password at ICTO Account Information page, you can use UMPASS to login those applications as well.

At present, you can use two accounts “UMPASS” and “Lotus Notes” to access to different services:

UMPASSLotus Notes Account
  • Lotus Notes Applications

More Information

For more information about UMPASS, please visit the webpage.