Brief Introduction of ICTO

Nowadays, information technology has become an essential part of education. ICTO’s teams with 76 staff members are working hard behind the scene, playing the role of developing and supporting the smart campus management systems, computing facilities for academic teaching and learning, information systems for the University administration and information technology infrastructure of the University.

ICTO is divided into three sections: Academic Computing and Technology Services Section, Information Management Section and Infrastructure and User Services Section.

Academic Computing and Technology Services Section (ACTS)
  • To provide information technology (IT) facilities for general teaching, learning and research activities
  • To explore and promote the use of most suitable IT in the University
  • To adopt or develop IT systems that facilitate the management of teaching and living facilities in campus
Information Management Section (IMS)
  • Provision of the development of the University core administrative information systems
  • Provision of the application and technical support services for the University core administrative functions
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure of core administrative information systems
Infrastructure and User Services Section (IUS)
  • To provide IT and communication infrastructure for the University
  • To provide general office IT facilities and support service

Facilities and Services

In order for you to have a better understanding of the facilities and services provided by ICTO, the following is a brief overview:

ICTO’s Computer Rooms

(Introduction Video)

Six computer rooms are set up for academic use. These computer rooms are equipped with personal computers installed with Windows 7 operating system and general application software
Multimedia StationMultimedia Stations are equipped with professional software and hardware. Academic staff member makes the reservation and uses the facilities to capture multimedia files from a CD or VCD or DVD, digitize videos from mini DV or VHS. Using the facilities, staff member can edit the post-production on videos to convert the media files into computer and Internet playable format-E5-2086



Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)Staff member can make the reservations on-line to perform the collection of data from optical marks (bubbles, checkboxes) and to mark or print barcodes on plain paper forms. OMR rooms are equipped with a high speed image scanner with auto document feeder and installed software package – “Remark Office OMR”-E5-2087



Staff CommonsThis room is set up for academic staff members who want to make a short break before or after their classes. The room is equipped with two desktop PCs, one LCD projector, one scanner and one network printer for academic staff to prepare or make modification of their teaching materials. All academic staff can access the room using the campus card-E6-1091c
Personal Multimedia Computer RoomsThese rooms are equipped with professional software and hardware. UM student can edit and do the post-production on multimedia as well as to convert output into computer and Internet playable format-E6-1091d





Learning Commons Service CounterICTO provides notebook computers on loan, self-service printing and basic computer support service at Learning Commons Service Counter-E6-G111h
Hardware Based Video Conference System It provides internet-based real time collaboration for meetings, presentations, teaching and learning activities with the participants around the world using H.323 or SIP protocol-N6-2022
IT Service Management SystemStaff member can submit, track and manage the IT service requests online
Email SystemFor sending and receiving emails
eLearningUM Moodle is the on-line education platform for UM
SSL VPNFor accessing UM intranet resources securely when away from campus
myUM PortalFor accessing e-Leave System, e-Payroll Slip, Student Class List and UM Phone Book etc.
Zoom Allowing you to hold meeting, interview, Oral Defense, Conference, Virtual classroom or Webinar from your own device simultaneously with up to 100 participants per host
Electronic Campus MapEnabling you to browse map information by dragging or zooming. You can use the search menu to locate buildings, departments, facilities, and transportation routes on the map
Information System Web-ServicesFor enquiring personal information, study plan, academic records, performing course enrolment and printing E-Debit Note, etc.
Wireless Network ServiceFor connecting your mobile device (s) to InternetConnect SSID: UM_SECURED_WLAN or UM_WLAN_PORTAL

Configuration Guide

ICTO Knowledge BaseIt stores all Frequently Asked Questions and guidelines. You can search for the keywords or query words in the search box or find the information by choosing the corresponding category

For more information about the IT Facilities and Services, please refer to the Handbook:

Support Methods

If you need any assistance in using ICTO’s offered facilities and services, you can contact ICTO Help Desk. We provide the following support methods:

Contact Information
LocationRoom 2085, 2/F, Central Teaching Building (E5)


Introduction Video
Telephone8822 8600
Service Hours
Monday to Thursday9:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:45pm
Friday9:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:30pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays