From April to June 2019, ICTO has organised following meetings.

On 17 April 2019, the 3rd SUFG meeting for Academic Year 2018/2019 was held.

In the meeting, ICTO’s representatives shared the following information:

  • Launch of 15th Issue of ICTO Newsletter
  • Key Projects of ICTO
  • Recent Updates of Wireless LAN System
  • Upgrade Plan of FST and FHS Network
  • Wireless Network Performance Report & Analysis
  • Information Security Update
  • Online Reservation of Discussion / Meeting Rooms at E6 Learning Commons
  • About the Feedback of Survey on Student Information System (SIWeb)
  • Updates of Academic Computing Services and Facilities

Student representative provided feedback on Academic Computing Facilities. ICTO staff provided instant response on the issues.

For details about the 3rd SUFG meeting, please refer to

ICTO holds Academic IT Support Advisory Group (AITSAG) meetings regularly to share the experience and knowledge between support staff from academic units and ICTO.

Third meeting for Academic Year 2018/2019 was held on 30 April 2019.

In the meeting, ICTO’s representatives shared

  • Follow up issues of last meeting
  • Issue of 15th ICTO Newsletter
  • The progress of first round of computer upgrade project and plan of second round upgrade
  • Results of collection of computing facilities request for Jul-Sep 2019
  • Extend the coverage and daily time limits of Public WiFi service
  • Upgrade of computers in ICTO computer room
  • Extend the deadline for collection of software installation request for ICTO computer room
  • ICTO key projects listed on ICTO homepage
  • Information security related issues

In addition, ICTO’s representatives responded to the enquiries from AITSAG members.

Lastly, ICTO shared the statistics of acquisition of IT facilities and representatives made suggestions on the current procedures of acquisition of IT facilities.

For more details about the AITSAG, please refer to

The 4th (last) IETC meeting for Academic Year 2018/2019 was successfully completed on 29 May 2019.  The Information and Education Technology Committee (IETC) is a standing committee of the Senate. Except ICTO, other members comes from faculty and academic units, provide the executive decisions within its competence, promote and enhance the adoption of information and education technology. In academic year 2018/2019, ICTO made successful achievements with the support from IETC on the key projects including the setup of next generation of HPCC, the Open DATA API platform, upgrade of e-learning platform, enhancement of campus network and wireless network, the new infrastructure toward the Smart Cloud Desktop platform and Cloud Storage System, and the areas of Information Security. ICTO would like to thank all members’ support.

ICTO, University of Macau is an affiliated member of Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC). As an affiliated member of JUCC, ICTO participates in following work groups of JUCC;

  • JUCC Information Security Task Force (ISTF)
  • JUCC Special Interest Group on User Services (SIGUS)
  • Information Systems (SIGIS)
  • High Performance Computing (SIGHPC)

The 61st SIGUS meeting was held on 14 June 2019 in University of Macau. Members from Hong Kong universities had a tour and visited our data center, Help Desk counter, computer rooms and Learning Commons in the morning.

In the afternoon, members held a discussion and shared various ideas with member institutions.  In the sharing session, we presented our recent Self-Attendance Solution for Class using Moodle and provided a demonstration.  The meeting was adjourned after the questions and answers session.

Here are some snapshots of the tour and meeting: