Macros automate frequently-used tasks in MS Office. Many of the macros are created with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications, a programming language of Excel and other Office programs) written by software developers. However, some macros pose a potential security risk. A person with malicious intention can introduce a destructive macro in a document or a file to spread virus on your computer.

Recently, “Ransomware” attacks are on rise.  The variants of the ransomware are invoked via MS Office macro program.

To protect your computer and data, we recommend you to be cautious about the following:

  • Be aware of suspicious email and attachments, especially the zip file or executable file (exe file);
  • DO NOT enable macro program in your MS Office documents (e.g. Word document and Excel document) unless you are sure the macro program is safe;
  • Avoid browsing suspicious websites, download or install software from unknown sites;
  • Install and update security software on your computer and regularly scan for viruses;
  • Timely backup computer files and servers. It is important to store backup data in a secure place.